Message of President

President's message

Yoshiyuki Onishi

Nippon Thermostat, under our fundamental philosophy since our establishment, “Where there is no employee satisfaction (ES), there is no customer satisfaction (CS),” has long engrained as the root of management, “on-site and execute-ism” in which we think, act and share the joy of attaining goals together with employees.

Concerning products, we have worked to further develop our core strength of original thermo technology and unique thermo devices. Rather than only focusing on the manufacturing of parts, our sights are set on the end product as a system and we aim to become a “firm that contributes to human activities by controlling water, oil and air” with the creation of products that undertake a management role for the effective functioning of systems raised as an objective. The world of temperature control has unlimited hidden potentialities that will completely change the comfort and convenience of our lifestyle.

We are pursuing an international supply structure that provides local procurement support to automobile manufacturers in Japan that are advancing their local production abroad, and have established a joint venture in India and licensed technologies to China and South Korea. Furthermore, a plant was established in West Virginia in the U.S. In an aim “to become the world leader in the area of our greatest forte,” we will dramatically grow as a global firm active with the world as our field.

In the 21st century, place your expectations on our firm as we make the vector of employees one and challenge the future with our unique technologies.

Management philosophy

With the unified effort of employees,
to build a company
where everyone will be satisfied working.

Basic Policy

Based on the conviction that "Where there is no employee satisfaction (ES), there is no customer satisfaction (CS)," to develop, produce and market products of originality and attraction in order to contribute to the people and community.



Every worker, with genuine understanding of the management philosophy, is engaged in work in concerted effort and the company contributes to the people and community.

  1. Employees have work they undertake in motivation.
  2. The levels of welfare and wages are above the general average.
  3. A vision that employees participated in making is in place.
  4. Fair evaluation is conducted.
  5. ”On-the-spot execution policy" is in thorough practice.

The company has countless independent employees who are accepted by society.


Every worker observes the behavior rules and there is a company characteristic that everyone can frankly speak in the bottom-up, in the top-down and among colleagues.